A guide to house renovations

A guide to house renovations Cheslyn Building Contractors

Renovating a house is both exciting and rewarding yet it is not without its challenges. Renovating is one of the best ways to get the home you want, but it can be difficult to know where to start as any house renovation project requires sound planning but also a willingness to expect the unexpected.

One of the main advantages of renovating a house is the exciting potential it offers to uncover all manner of charming original features, closely followed by the fact that a renovation project can, if carried out to a good standard, result in a home that sees an impressive uplift in value. Our guide to house renovations will hopefully give you an insight to take the next step.

Find a project

The actual process of finding and buying a house to renovate is often one of the hardest parts of renovating a house. Chat with agents, drive around yourself to scope out potential projects, and attend auctions. Cash-buyers tend to be more successful than those relying on a regular mortgage or a renovation mortgage, as getting a mortgage on a property will depend on an independent valuation to ensure the house is worth as much as your accepted offer. Once you’ve found a project, an assessment of the structural condition of the house is crucial, and that is where a professional surveyor steps in.

Budgeting plan

Be certain about how much you can afford to spend, whether by drawing on savings or borrowing money. Don’t be tempted to increase this amount, but do include a 15% contingency of the total cost to cover unexpected expenses. Once you’ve worked out the high-level costs associated with your renovation, the next step is to start budgeting the smaller aspects. And don’t forget to update your budget as you go so you’re not left with any nasty surprises when the work starts.

Source the professionals

Depending on the scale of the project, the next stage is to find a local Architect or designer who can help with renovating a house. If your project is straightforward in nature, such as renovating your bathroom or kitchen and you are not carrying out any structural work, then it’s unlikely that you will need an Architect and can work directly with a kitchen or bathroom designer and your builder. If you are extending or doing structural work then it’s best to engage with an Architect.

Be realistic

In a renovation, you’re dealing with an old building that can throw up problems nobody was expecting. Plus, every major project is at the mercy of notorious UK weather. Be prepared for things to end up taking longer than planned.

House renovation can reap huge rewards, but there’s no shying away from the fact that it is a demanding project. For further advice and information on house renovations and any other building requirements, please contact us here.