Avoidable mistakes people make when building a home

Avoidable mistakes people make when building a home Cheslyn Building Contractors

Building a home is a new and challenging process and many dream of the possibility for years, but remain hesitant as there is undoubtedly a lot to take into consideration when planning for your perfect home. It is possible to make “mistakes” when you build, and unfortunately, the most common mistakes when building a house often relate directly to money, but if you plan the construction of your new home thoroughly from the off, potential problems can be avoided. Our latest article and explores the avoidable mistakes people make when building a home and hopefully offers an insight to achieving a stress free build.

Not hiring a reputable construction company

Perhaps the most obvious mistake is lack of research for a reputable company. When looking for a construction company, don’t go for the one that provides the lowest price, as it may cut down on quality as well. Make sure you pick quality over price and you will thank yourself in the future. Your builder should have experience, a portfolio, testimonials, insurance and should always be happy for you to speak to previous customers.

Make sure you hire a company that uses certified materials as well. To avoid potential, future issues, make sure you have a written agreement with the construction company, that covers all aspects of the project, from prices to materials and deadlines.


Picking the wrong location can be a costly mistake that people often make when building a home. It’s important that you consider school districts, future developments and the average resale value in the area. You definitely don’t want to build a home that’s too expensive for the area it’s in.

Choosing a bad floor plan

A bad floor plan can be a logistical nightmare. Based on the location, traffic and environment, discuss with your architect to plan the best possible layout for your house to ensure a functional, flowing floor plan, designed specifically for your families needs. Make sure you assess your lifestyle before choosing a floor plan, taking into consideration, safety, entertaining and adequate room sizes.

Cost control

Even with the best laid plans, something will almost always occur during a new build or remodel that wasn’t accounted for in your original budget and it’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of your project. 

Another important factor to keep in mind is that cost control also means keeping track of the building project. As work progresses, check regularly to ensure that you are on budget, and if construction is costing more, assess by how much. For this reason, we always recommend building a contingency fund either into the builders bid or your own over-all budget. The amount of the contingency fund varies depending on each person and project,, but if possible, should always be there to help with the unforeseen.

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