Bringing light into your extension 

Bringing light into your extension Cheslyn Building Contractors

If you like the idea of planning an extension that’s designed to maximise natural light, our latest article explores your options on bringing light into your extension to ensure that your space feels as large and bright as possible. One of the things we love about  extensions is that they can completely transform a house, and utilise an area into a wonderfully bright and spacious entertaining space. 

Vaulted ceiling

If you are considering a pitched roof, one option to explore is a vaulted ceiling. This rather than having a flat ceiling in your extension, is to open the space and follow the line of your extension roof. Not only does it make a drastic difference to the amount of light that comes into your extension, it will also gain you some extra height making the space feel larger and more open. 

Allow light to flow internally

In addition to bringing more light in via the rear extension, you should try and maximise the amount of light flowing from the front of the house too. You can do this by having glazed internal doors such as crittall doors, which look great and allow the light to stream through.

Consider a glazed extension

Glazed extensions are a wonderful way to let light flood into your kitchen as the light will pour in from above and through the windows. Traditionally comprised mainly of glass, they are a fantastic way to draw natural light into a room and enjoy views of the outdoors all year round. The wide choice in the design of glazed extensions means that they can work well with both modern and traditional homes.

Choosing the correct doors

Bifold doors are one option; these are a modern style of door that utilises slim frames and large areas of glazing so light entry is maximised. Alternatively, a set of sliding patio doors is another option you might consider. Or, if you prefer a more traditional door style, opt for French doors instead. All will open up the extension and flood the room with natural light.

Roof lanterns

Traditional roof lanterns are an option that – quite surprisingly, given the “traditional” description – can bring some contemporary class to an extension. These structures flood the room with light from all angles, as they stick out from the roof section. A roof lantern can be added while building an extension or fitted in the process of a refurbishment. 

Whether you’re thinking about a single storey extension to the back or side of your home, or a loft conversion to create more bedroom space, making sure you enable as much light as possible to make it into your space is of paramount importance. For further information on bringing light into your extension, please contact us here.