How to avoid conservatory regrets

How to avoid conservatory regrets Cheslyn Building Contractors

Conservatories are an incredibly popular way in which to improve your home, and we love building them! They create an extra living space for friends and family to enjoy and flood the house with natural light whilst offering panoramic views of the garden. What’s not to like? But to make sure that you maximise your conservatory’s potential, careful planning will pay dividends later. Our latest article looks at how to avoid conservatory regrets and some common mistakes.

Not integrating your outside space

Think about how you will landscape the surrounding area to give a good flow between the house and garden. The area immediately surrounding the conservatory will need to be cleared before you start work so this gives you the perfect opportunity to think about a new patio to link the conservatory and garden, perhaps.

One of the greatest benefits of conservatories is that they help to bring the outdoors inside, giving you wonderful views of your garden. Think about the view and how you might need to position windows, doors and any solid walls to make the most of it.

Conservatory temperature

The last thing you want is for your new conservatory to be too cold to sit in during winter, or too hot to enjoy in the height of summer. We can’t stress enough how important it is to think carefully about the temperature of your conservatory. This can be affected by the number of windows and vents you have, whether you get blinds and even the type of glass.

Not planning ahead

Think about how you will use your conservatory and how big it needs to be. Remember that sofas need room around them and if you plan to use the conservatory as a dining area, you need room to pull out the chairs to sit down. Don’t forget to measure up any furniture you will be buying or using in the conservatory. It can be tempting to choose the smallest possible conservatory but you may regret this when you find yourself wishing that you had just that bit more room to enjoy.

Inadequate ventilation

By making proper use of doors, windows, ridge vents, and eave vents, you can ensure that your conservatory is fully ventilated – essential for the summer months! While there are ways to ventilate a conservatory after it’s been built, it’s much better to get this right during the design phase – it’ll save you from a headache later on.

Choose a style that will suit your home

The point of the conservatory is to add value and aesthetic appeal to your living space. Constructing it in a style that is not in keeping with your home and surroundings could leave you with an eyesore. As you research and discuss design and feature options, be sure to consider whether the aesthetics of your conservatory will match the style and tone of your house. Ideally, you want a seamless flow from the conservatory to the main house, so keep your entire ground floor in mind as you construct. Sometimes, a little upgrade to adjacent spaces might be required.

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