Ideas for outdoor living spaces

Ideas for outdoor living spaces Cheslyn Building Contractors

As we dare to dream that warmer weather is around the corner and lighter evenings are coming, it could be time to revaluate your outdoor living space to ensure the resulting space is suited to your personal preferences, entertainment needs, lifestyle, and environment.

An outdoor living space is comparable to one indoors with the exception of solid exterior walls. Expect that the space will require a similar amount of planning, labour, and expense to boost your homes value and enhance the visual appeal of your property.

Install new patio doors to open up to the garden

Patio doors open up your home, increase the amount of space and light, and remove the boundary between inside and out, making it feel like an extension of your interior. There are three main options: bifold doors, French doors and sliding patio doors, all offering their own benefits. New design developments have made these doors more energy efficient than ever and the extra space and natural light are real mood boosters, even in the winter.

Add a fire source

As outdoor living rooms only increase in popularity we are seeing more and more built-in outdoor fireplaces that are taking the concept to the next level. Aside from the warmth element, an outdoor fireplace, wood burner or firepit ideas can make a fabulous focal point feature. Outdoor fireplaces have much the same construction as indoor ones, with a flue to direct smoke up the chimney rather than out into the seating area. Designs can vary from elaborate brick-built set-ups similar to indoor fireplaces, to outdoor kitchen-style grills and cooking spaces, simple chimineas or rustic wood burners.

Seating options

Choosing the best outdoor seating options depends mainly on the available space. It’s also important to consider how you want to use that space and what type of seating best matches those activities. Your landscape may naturally lend itself to built-in seating by using the structures and space that are already there maximises the use of the area. Build an L-shaped sofa or bench in the corner of your yard to maximise space. You can build the seating against your house, a fence, a retaining wall, or other structures that make up the corner of your outdoor space.

Outdoor cooking and dining

One of the key things to consider when planning how to design an outdoor kitchen is what features you want in the space. Your outdoor kitchen designs could include a built-in version of the best BBQ, the best pizza oven, plus some preparation space, with some outdoor heating included for when the sun sets. A large oval dining table will seat many guests and if there’s no natural shade, a gazebo, pergola or pagoda can make a beautiful structural addition to any outdoor space. They offer privacy, shelter, shade and create a focal point for patio garden furniture.


A patio can often be a fantastic focal point in your outdoor living space. One of the benefits of using a patio as part of your garden landscape is the versatility of the materials that can be used. From concrete, to pavers, stone, tile, brick and gravel, changing materials can create separate zones within your patio. Consider lights, plants, borders, decking and more, to help you carve out an outdoor space you can really enjoy.