Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen Extensions Cheslyn Building Contractors

Now more than ever, open plan kitchens are one of the most desired changes to any home and creating open plan living and multi-functional space in your home is becoming more and more popular.  

The UK has thoroughly embraced the idea of open plan living over the last decade, and never more so after the last few years of spending more time at home. Kitchen extension ideas have exploded with our much needed desire for more space to accommodate our busy social lives and ever growing families.

To create a space where parents can cook dinner whilst children do home work or watch TV and to provide a space for integrated family time without being divided and shut off from each other, is an important need for families and couples alike. Creating larger and brighter spaces provide convenience and sociability, so getting the right kitchen extension for your needs is important and we explore the different types available to help you in your decision.

Types of kitchen extensions

Rear extensions

The most common type of kitchen extension is a rear extension at the back of your property, extending onto the current garden or patio area. They’re typically used to create larger open plan living spaces and blend the indoor/outdoor space we crave and are a great option for those with enough garden space. Rear extensions are very popular, not only can they bring in a lot of new space and light, but their design can often be kept simple, making this form of renovation cost-effective

Side return

Most commonly seen on Victorian terraced or semi-detached houses, a side-return extension fills in the often unused passage alongside the property. Side return extensions are very popular as a way of extending your home and although the extension itself is typically quite small in terms of how far out it comes, it runs the length of the room so can have a transformative effect on your interior without the need for planning permission. They tend to have a sloped roof – which is beneficial to be made of glass, so it can let in natural light to replace any lost windows.

Wrap around

Combining both a rear and side extension, a wraparound extension (or L-shaped extension) can markedly increase the square footage of your ground floor, and offers a dramatic increase to your living space. As the name would suggest, a ‘wraparound extension’ literally wraps itself around two sides of your home, typically at the rear and adds extra width to your home, offering countless possibilities to design, light and a better connection to your garden.

Double storey

For those wanting even more space, a two storey extension may be your choice. Double storey extensions will let you enjoy double the living space of a single-storey extension, while you’ll spend less per square metre. A single storey extension can add somewhere between 5% and 10% more value to your home. A two-storey extension – maybe an extra bedroom on top of your kitchen extension – might add up 20% to your house’s value, although of course it costs more to build. 

There are plenty of kitchen extension ideas around, and what you choose will depend on a few factors:

–  How much space do you realistically need in your new kitchen?

– What is the house price ceiling in your area? 

– What is your budget?-How much of your garden are you willing to give up for your extension?

– What is the layout of the existing home?


The size of the extension isn’t necessarily the crux of effectively extending a kitchen. How you the space and layout functions is far more important.

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