Modern building trends

Modern building trends Cheslyn Building Contractors

Trends and fads are sometimes confused as the same thing. A fad usually has no sustainability and disappears as soon as it arrives, but modern building trends over the last few years are here to stay as we realise that they provide all that we require to live and sometimes work in our homes in a more efficient and comfortable way.

The spaces that we live in, from our homes to our workplaces and public areas, are evolving to meet the demand for practically and sociable living and our latest article looks at the trends that are here to stay.

Kitchen focal point

A focal point is, quite simply, something that catches the eye: a centrepiece that wows people who see it, a single object or area that stands out as the distinguishing element of your kitchen design. No longer just a place to cook, our kitchens are now the hub of our home to socialise and bring friends and family together. Now more than ever, open plan kitchens are one of the most desired change to any home and creating open plan living and multi-functional space in your home is becoming more and more popular. Edging towards an open space that blends into a dining area, the kitchen island has become a real icon of the modern kitchen and are perfect for the whole family to gather around to relax, cook, entertain and enjoy each other’s company.

Bringing the outside in

Maybe you have a beautiful view and just want to enjoy it more from outside or maybe you just love the outdoors. Whatever your reason, bringing the outside in for your interior design is something you can do, and it can be done with more than just a house plant or two. One design trick is to implement different door styles to create a link between outside and in. For maximum connection to your outside space, add glazing to a solid wall using contemporary glass Bi-folding doors with narrow framing is a popular choice as they open fully creating a seamless indoor outdoor link. If the aim is to introduce more natural light, sliding doors are also worth considering as are French doors, which work well in a traditional-style settings.

Open spaces

Open plan living is now seen as the norm but considering what you will need from this space and how it will serve your lifestyle is important. Very often, a ‘broken plan’ layout can work better for family life than a completely open plan living arrangement.

Sometimes described as semi-open plan – broken plan living recognises the importance of having a few quiet zones, teenage spaces, home offices and grown-up living rooms.

Fresh looking exteriors

Neutral and traditional colours will continue to be a popular choice for doors and windows as muted shades help to blend with the surroundings and pair nicely with other colours. Sage Green will continue in its popularity in 2023 and could possibly overtake  the Anthracite Grey door colour that continues to be the favoured choice amongst homeowners.

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