New Year Home Maintenance Checklist

New Year Home Maintenance Checklist Cheslyn Building Contractors

Maintaining your home is important as it identifies issues before major repairs are needed and helps preserve your property’s value. Keeping on top of routine maintenance doesn’t have to be gruelling though, a few simple checks at different times of the year is all it takes. Our new year home maintenance checklist can prevent issues occurring and ensure your home stays problem free.

Replace Smoke/CO Detector Batteries

The beginning of the year is a great time to replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s easy to remember and could save your life. Even if the old batteries don’t expire for several years, replace them with brand-new ones. Remember: Carbon monoxide is impossible to see, taste, or smell. Having fresh batteries is much, much more valuable than saving a few pence.

You can use the older batteries in something else if you’d like, but it’s simply not worth risking your life just to squeeze the most out of a couple of batteries.

Boiler checks

Keep an eye on your boiler to make sure it’s working correctly and that you’re not having to constantly increase water pressure.You should have your boiler serviced annually, as regular maintenance minimises the risk of your boiler breaking down and could help extend its lifespan. This should save you money in the long run.

You might also consider installing a smart thermostat as these can give you better control over your heating and alert you to any problems.

Curb appeal

Start your new year by making sure the curb appeal of your house is prime, including sprucing up your landscaping. This isn’t just for show: unwanted plants, pests and natural hazards can interfere with your home’s functionality.

  • Shrubs: clean up your shrubs by trimming and removing dead branches.
  • Lawn: remove weeds, including in the flower beds. Patch up bald spots, reseed and fertilise any grass.
  • Trees: trim trees and remove dead branches or trees that present a risk to the property.



Have a look at the grouting on tiles in the bathroom, and silicone around the edges of the bath, for any signs of wear. If so, this could soon start to let in water and could cause damage to your flooring or your belongings.


Insulate the loft now if you’re thinking of doing it. Stopping heat escaping out of the roof is a way to save on energy costs. You could also start any other projects that can improve your home’s energy efficiency.


Clogged gutters can lead to issues like water damage, loosened gutters, ice dams and issues with insects and rodents. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are cleared of leaves, sticks and other debris at least twice a year – whether you handle this chore yourself or call a professional.

Regular home maintenance is taking proactive and preventative measures to keep your home in good working order. For enquiries about our range of building services please contact us here.