Removing internal walls to create space

Removing internal walls to create space Cheslyn Building Contractors

In our constant pursuit of open-plan living space, removing internal walls has become a popular request. It’s an effective way to increase the sense of space and light, offering huge potential to your existing property.

We find that most new builds have embraced the open plan way of life but older properties built from the Victorian era through to the 1970s usually have separate rooms for the kitchen, dining room and lounge. Removing internal walls to create space is the fastest growing trend in adding value to your property and our latest article explores points to consider and what’s required to enhance your property and create space.

Types of walls

While some walls simply divide up interior spaces, others are much more crucial for a building’s structure, so if you decide to remove a wall you must consider before starting any work, whether or not it is a load-bearing wall. You can remove a load-bearing wall the same as any other wall, but the difference is that you must install an RSJ to provide extra support to your ceiling. A load-bearing wall supports the floor above, or if there’s no floor then it supports the weight of the roof.

What are RSJ’s?

An RSJ is a Rolled Steel Joint and are installed to protect the structural strength of your property. RSJ’s are the most popular steel beams being used in construction today. There are two types, one has an ‘H’ cross section the other is known as an I-Beam. Both are highly durable and can be cut to any size, which makes them perfect for supporting the floors and ceilings in any home extension.

Calculations to installation

Before getting a quote for an RSJ installation, you need to remember that part of installing an RSJ are the expert calculations required from a structural engineer and installing an RSJ correctly requires careful calculations, time and skill. Here at Cheslyn Building Contractors we can inspect your property and perform steel beam calculations to consider what type of wall we are working with, what length of beam you need and how much weight is going to be supported by the beam.

Building regulations approval

Any structural alterations need building regulations approval, so you will need to secure this. We can help provide the necessary plans, which can then be submitted to your local authority.

Party wall agreements

If the RSJ will rest within a neighbour’s wall (also known as a party wall) then you will need to secure a party wall agreement with any affected neighbours. This helps prevent future disputes that can be incredibly costly.

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