The advantages of adding a porch to your home

The advantages of adding a porch to your home Cheslyn Building Contractors

Homeowners can sometimes underestimate the benefits from porches. If you don’t currently have a porch, you could be missing out on some excellent advantages for your home, which go far beyond the aesthetic appeal.

UK planning restrictions allow practically any homeowner to add a small porch at the front of their house and providing the dimensions are within certain limits, you shouldn’t need planning permission. The advantage of adding a porch to your home can add an extra layer of security to your home as well as  adding space and style to the front of the property.

As well as looking fantastic, you’ll be free from draughts and will see the benefits in your energy bills, which at this time, is always a wanted addition. 

Wall mounted porch

This type of porch is a great addition to your home and as it is the easiest to fit, requires no groundwork and is the most cost effective way to add kerb appeal to your property and remains very popular. These porches look equally at home on new builds as well as older properties and are versatile and cost effective.

High brick/low brick plinth porch

These type of porches can traditionally be found on farmhouses and is attached via an oak soleplate to a plinth normally made of brick. A real statement porch usually found on larger houses and possibly in multiple places such as rear and side entrances this versatile porch offers protection from most of the element. A low brick plinth design is perfect for those who would like to be able to customise their porch with hedges, balustrades or any look you love.

Full height porches

If you are looking for a little more enclosure then a full height porch might meet your needs.This is a flexible, versatile design that will fit almost any space you need it to. Traditional oak rafters and supports sit securely anchored through posts and saddle stones and  a pitched tile roof ensures your porch handles everything the weather throws at it and more. 

Porches are generally very affordable and take little time to construct. Because all of the work takes place outside the home, there’s minimal disruption, and few alterations to the fabric of your home.

For further information on the advantages of adding a porch to your home and for advice on how to make your property that little bit more attractive, including adding value to your home overall, please contact us here.