The benefits of a basement renovation

The benefits of a basement renovation Cheslyn Building Contractors

House prices are still on the rise and there is certainly a strong argument to extend and stay put at the moment to avoid the hassle and stress of entering into a move in the current climate. So you may have thought of adding an extension and have no doubt explored going upwards to the loft in your quest for more space, but have you considered the benefits of a basement renovation? Now, not everyone has the right type of house to accommodate this renovation, but if you do, could this idea utilise this often, wasted space?

Additional living space

You can nearly double your homes live-able square footage for far less money than a major home addition project. You can add more bedrooms for a growing family, a home theatre, a gym, a second bathroom, a playroom for the kids, home office as well as additional storage spaces.

Boosts the resale value

A finished basement will improve the resale value of your home.  Not only is that additional living and storage space attractive for home buyers, it will actually increase your homes selling price.

Cost effective project

Renovation of houses will probably be expensive due to the size of the type of work. Generally, adding rooms in a house requires the construction of additional walls, foundations, and roofs. Since it is a basement, these typical structural features are already present. This eliminates the materials and labour required to fabricate these elements, greatly reducing the overall cost of labour.

Cut down on energy bills

An unfinished basement without proper insulation and ventilation can be an energy drain and become a cause of increased utility bills. A remodelled basement with adequate insulation, however, helps to maintain a moderate temperature in your home and contributes towards reducing the air leaks and energy inefficiencies.

No planning permission

Converting a basement won’t generally require planning permission, as you are not making any alterations to the exterior of the property. However, if you’re building a new basement, adding windows or an entrance to the front, or need to dig up areas of the pavement or road, planning permission will be necessary and all conversions will have to comply with building regulations.

Added privacy

Basements allow for a stunning in-law or guest accommodation. If you frequently host guests or have family members stay for extended periods of time, there are few better options than a private suite in the basement. Your guests can enjoy privacy and independence during their stay.

When it comes to converting a basement, you can have two options: excavating a new basement or turning an existing cellar into usable living space, either way a basement conversion, without any doubt, is an effective and economical way to improve your space. For further information on basement renovation or any other building works, please contact us here.