The benefits of extending now and moving later

The benefits of extending now and moving later Cheslyn Building Contractors

The housing market is experiencing a boom, with house values being the highest they have been in several years. With predictions that this rise will continue throughout the year and into 2023, the wise choice would be to extend rather than sell to add further value to your property, with an option to move when the market has stabilised. And of course, there are many benefits of extending now and moving later which outside of just increasing the value of your home.

Many people choose to move house when they outgrow the space they are living in, but by adding an extension, specific to your families needs could mean designing the perfect space for you all without the upheaval of a move.


Making homes lighter, more modern or even open plan are often reasons that people choose to invest in home extensions.  Terraced houses in particular can often be very dark, but by opening up to the back of the property or adding in a loft extension with sky light, a home can be completely transformed.

You are planning to start a Home Office

With work and business trends taking on a home office approach, you might one day consider working or starting a business in your home office. It may be a major career move, but if you are willing to pursue either of these options, you need to get your home office space ready.


One of the biggest advantages of home extensions is that you don’t have to go through the expense or hassle of selling your current home and purchasing another. You don’t have to pay commission to estate agents, find mortgages or pay stamp duty, solicitors or movers fees – let alone decorating your new property to your own tastes when you arrive.

Extra storage

Does your home lack storage options? A dedicated space for storage isn’t hard to achieve – by filling in a small porch or converting an unused garage or loft space you can achieve a stylish storage area for all those odds and ends that seem to be always underfoot.

You get to stay in your neighbourhood

Being able to stay in your neighbourhood is definitely a pro for many people. Especially if you’ve lived in your neighbourhood for many years, you like your neighbours and have become a part of the community. The emotional attachment you have to your home, as well as your homes location, can be the biggest deciding factor when considering whether to extend or move. So, if you love where you live but no longer fit in your home, then adding a home extension makes perfect sense.

The location and demand of your property will usually guarantee that your extension will add value to your home when it comes to selling.

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