The top trends for homes in 2023

The top trends for homes in 2023 Cheslyn Building Contractors

With 2023 in full swing, it’s shaping up to be an exciting year for our projects, ranging from small works refurbishments to major design and build developments. Here are our top trends for homes in 2023 to watch out for this year:


Sustainable home design is now more important than ever, and brands, designers and consumers alike are united in producing and consuming products that are better for the environment. Further considerations about the origin and impact of products used in construction means more projects are opting for responsibly sourced and recycled materials. We’ll also see a rise in people integrating energy-efficient solutions into their home designs from the offset such as solar panels, heat pumps and rainwater harvesting.

Multi functional space

Multi-purpose rooms have more than one use, such as a bedroom which is also a home office, or a terrace that is also a dining area and kitchen. Modern life has squeezed us into smaller homes and the creation of multi-purpose rooms is a creative solution to the challenge of living in small homes. Multi-purpose rooms were born out of necessity during the pandemic, but this trend has found staying power as people realise they can more efficiently use their spaces in sustainable ways.

Bathroom retreats

Wellness has been a huge buzzword over the last year and with that comes an increase in people wanting to take time for themselves, retreating to a private place where they can practice self-care – and what better place to relax than your bathroom? Although showers are trending in favour of baths, generally, 2023 bathroom design is all about personalisation, which means a rainfall shower for some, a soaking tub for others, or both. Steam showers are an increasingly popular solution, often including a bench or seating to encourage relaxation.

Entertainment spaces

Designing a space for entertaining ensures that you have a dedicated place for escapism, fun, and relaxation. Before you start planning your new space, think about what type of entertainment you enjoy and what type of events you plan on hosting.

A home cinema can be a great option for families and small groups of guests, for example, whereas a home bar might be ideal for larger parties. If you’re designing a space for entertaining, a basement conversion and extension can be a fantastic option as not only will you increase the square footage of your home, but you can also play a role in designing every element of the space you’re creating.

The breakfast pantry

We continue to see a demand for storage pantries or breakfast cabinets, as extremely functional storage solutions. Following the move to keep work surfaces free of kettles and toaster, pantries are a practical addition to any kitchen and this perfect storage solution remains at the top of our clients wish list for their dream kitchen. A designated area for breakfast items, with everything in one place, easily accessible and which can then be neatly tucked away after use, has moved from a wish list to a necessity, with many wondering how they ever managed without it.