Transforming the front of your home exterior

Transforming the front of your home exterior Cheslyn Building Contractors

We all know the right exterior enhancements can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal as the exterior is the first thing people notice about your home, and the first impression always counts. If your home’s exterior is outdated, it gives the impression that the rest of the home will be too, so whether you want to buy, sell or just update your own house there are many ways to transform the front of your home exterior.


With the right driveway ideas even any home can be improved – not only visually, but on a practical level too. For this reason, it is really important to ensure you have chosen the right material for your driveway – some will be more suitable for certain locations and house styles than others. One of the golden rules when it comes to how to create kerb appeal is to ensure that the driveway looks smart and fulfils the needs of the property.


A porch is a beautiful feature to the front of your house. From a practical point, though, it provides extra storage so, it’s not just a case of aesthetics. Before you get it done, you want to think about the proportions and particular architectural style of your home as the style and shape of the porch have to match those of the house. Not only that but you should consider the angles and height of the existing roof. And finally, think about whether this extension could block natural light into the house, as that’s often not the best idea.


Rendering can give your house a total makeover and involves the process of rendering a wet coat of plaster applied to the external walls of the house. Materials typically used are cement, lime, acrylic, spray render, polymer render and cement render. A combination of cladding and rendering is typically used to beautify the home’s exterior and protect the house from erosion or cracking and gives homes, a clean, contemporary look.

Windows and doors

Many homeowners find that installing new doors and windows can make a big difference to their property without having too much of an impact on their daily lives. Design and development has meant there are more choices than ever when choosing your door with an option of materials and colours to suit your personal style and taste. Each material has its own personal benefits, but also provide that all important security element. Popular colour options that we see are greys, blacks and sage green for 2023 and onwards.


Extending the front of your home allows you to add and customise your new space as you wish. Extensions to the front of your home are relatively more convenient to install than other kinds of extensions as it does not require you to move out of your home or endure much inconvenience, as the works shouldn’t impact key living spaces like your kitchen or bathroom. Adding a front extension will increase the value of your home as well as giving you more space with single-storey extensions being a popular choice and can add up to 5 – 8% value to the property.


The exterior of your home can be beautified with proper roofing. Guttering, Fascias, and soffits are all uPVC products, so maintenance is no longer an issue. You could complement the property with excellent colours like black, cream or even white and an upgraded roofline will of course prevent water ingress and any form of damp issues that may result later. Just changing the tiles can also have a significant impact on the look of your home.

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