Wet rooms the latest bathroom trend

Wet rooms the latest bathroom trend Cheslyn Building Contractors

If you are looking to update your bathroom, you can’t of failed to see that wet rooms are fast becoming one of the most popular bathroom trends in recent years, offering a contemporary, sleek and stylish look to any home.  Previously geared towards clients with mobility issues, or only in the most expensive homes, wet rooms are now an affordable and much requested option over a standard bath or shower room.

What is a wet room?

In short, a wet room is a minimalist style of bathroom that utilises waterproofing techniques to ensure users can shower, bathe and do all their other bathroom essentials without the worry of leaks. The entire room acts as an enclosure for moisture coming from things such as showers and taps. Despite their high-end look, a wet room can be installed on a reasonable budget and you don’t have to have an exceptionally large bathroom either.

What’s the difference between a wet room and a shower room?

The main difference between a wet room and a walk in shower is pretty simple. Wet rooms are a space which is typically entirely open plan and the floor is altered to allow the water to flow away through a drain on the floor. The main way in which a wet room differs from a traditional walk-in shower is that instead of a having a built-in shower cubicle that includes a shower tray, the room itself forms the enclosure. This enclosure is built to be fully waterproofed, preventing leaks and water damage.

What are the benefits of a wet room?

  • Wet rooms are gaining more popularity because it takes up less space, which makes it suitable for smaller bathrooms, without the need to install a separate shower cubicle. 
  • Anything that looks good and requires less maintenance will add a significant worth to your property. When you get a new bathroom installed, it not only revamps the entire decor but also adds more value to your home. And a wet room is definitely a beautiful example of such a versatile and functional layout. 
  • Although not always designed with this in mind, wet rooms are particularly good for those whose movement is restricted, such as the elderly or disabled. There is no need for a shower tray, making access to the shower much easier.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are made easy with a wet room thanks to the minimal lines created. Given the absence of fittings and fixtures, wet rooms are incredibly easy to clean, where as shower enclosures, with all their framework and runners, are notorious for gathering dirt and grime. 


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