Why people love open floor plans

Why people love open floor plans Cheslyn Building Contractors

Open floor plans were once considered a trend-but not anymore, they are now a staple part of any home design offering a fantastic way to improve space and light and create a natural flow through the house. Not just suitable for modern homes, people love open floor plans in any type of property, truly transforming the way a home looks and feels.

Natural light

Open floor plans allow more natural light into the home which has many proven health benefits. Many interior walls are either reduced to half walls or removed entirely so that outside light can reach deeper into the home. Without walls, partitions, or other dividers, separating the dining room, living room, and kitchen, natural light is able to flow into the room unhindered which not helps the room look bigger, but it also makes it easier to light the room with various light fittings.

Connecting indoor and outdoor space

One of the most exciting features offered by open floor plans is connecting indoor living spaces with outdoor areas and is a great way to transition from your homes interior to outdoor living spaces. You can extend your indoor space to the outdoors more easily by extending the kitchen to flow into a dining area on your decking or patio. In this way, you can prepare a meal and easily move it to the outdoors on warmer evenings, enabling our love of socialising and enjoying the summer seamlessly.

Offers social interaction

If we are all busy doing different things in different rooms, it somewhat hinders our social interaction between family. For many families, spending time all together can be a juggling act, but with open plan floors it makes it far easier to cook, do homework and  converse with family and friends, rather than being isolated in the kitchen during a dinner party or other gathering. It’s often safer for families with small children too as keeping and eye on them is easier to navigate in our busy lives.

Creates space

Open floor plans make your common areas feel larger. Barriers such as walls and doors section off parts of your home that can make you feel boxed in so by taking down these barriers you’ll open up the space and it will make your whole home feel larger and more spacious. Opening up common areas in your home such as the living room and kitchen are crucial to feeling relaxed and content as the majority of your time is spent in these rooms.

Increase resale value

As the most sort after layout for all kinds of properties from family homes to one bed flats, those with an open plan layout sell for more money than those with several smaller rooms. Creating an open plan home, designed well of course,  will make your home more visually appealing, whilst  being a financial investment, should you choose to sell.

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